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Freguesia de Albufeira e Olhos de Água

Albufeira is a Portuguese city and a municipality in the district of Faro, Algarve, Portugal. Its name came from the Arabic "Al-Buhera" (the lagoon). The city proper has a population of 13,646.[2] The municipality has a population of 35,281 inhabitants and a total area of 140.6 km². The population expands to an estimated 300,000 in the summer and New Year's as Albuf...

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    (+351) 289 513 895
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    Rua Bartolomeu Dias, Edifício Lusíadas, r/c-lj 2, 8200-096 Albufeira, Algarve – Portugal,
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Município de Albufeira

A town that dates back to pre-historic times, the location that currently harbours Albufeira was an important fishing and port centre according to evidence retracted from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Many civilizations passed through these lands…The Romans baptized the town, Baltum, and later the Arabs named it Al-buhera, or “sea castle”, giving rise to the c...