MegaSport Travel – Cycling & Walking Holidays | Rent a Bike 

MegaSport Travel – Cycling & Walking Holidays | Rent a Bike

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MEGASPORT TRAVEL – Cycling and Walking Holidays


Tours in Portugal and Europe, for individuals and groups.
Megasport is a tour operator for cycling and walking Tours in Portugal.
Supporters of environment sustainability practices, we are specialists in organizing nature
programs guided and self-guided, individual or groups, family holidays and tailor-made
With great knowledge of the region, we organize all the details: bicycles, accommodation,
transfers, daily luggage transfers, road books, GPS route files and travel pack with privileged
information. Our Cycling programs are designed to provide customers with memorable and
joyful moments of relaxation, adventure or sports during their holidays. We privilege very
special places according to the activity.
Abroad, we offer cycling tours on the most emblematic places in Europe.
In addition, we provide team building activities, daily bicycle rental services and daily guided cycle tours with delivery
and collection at the site.

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Our Offers:

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Bike Tours - Ria Formosa Natural Park

This route was made by MegaSport and passes through Natural Park "Ria Formosa", allowing anyone to discover some of the exotic species that exists in this area of the Algarve.

This route starts from Quinta do Lago, and goes straight to the Ria Formosa Natural Park. You can enjoy a tour next to the river, where you can see various exotic birds, such as (Flamingo, Purple Callinuk, Kingfisher, Little Bittern, Grey hebon, Collared Pratincole, White Stork and others) and also other animals (such as Chameleon, Turtle and Otter). Next you cycle to Faro Island where you can see a fishermen quarter and their way of life. From here you have a fantastic view to the beach.

To finish, you can visit the Salt Marshes and see roman ruins. All this in a ride that you can do with your entire family. Enjoy these unforgettable moments!!


Bike-Train Mobility

The Algarve is a great region to bike tours and has an enormous variety of areas with totally different environments. To this modality lovers there is an ecological and economical way to visit all this areas with almost no effort at all: catch the train.
Wth the train you can go to any region of the Algarve and take your bike, because bikes don't pay in trains.